History and Mission of Extreme Steel, Inc.

Our mission is to provide outstanding Commitment, Service, Loyalty and Trust to meet the needs of our customers. Extreme Steel, Inc. open its doors on March 15, 2000 with a TEAM of highly innovative and experienced fabricators and erectors determined to be different from the competition by out-doing the competitors quality of work.

We found the most knowledgeable individuals with the highest set of standards, work ethics, drive with extreme determination, and experience that is hard to acquire. Extreme Steel, Inc. currently has 188 dedicated employees who have years of hands-on training in the field and shop environments. Our shop employees consist of team players that have a minimum of 5 years of experience in steel fabrication, and produce the best product and deliver on all of our commitments. Our field employees are members of Local Union #5 out of Washington, D.C., and have all served in an Apprenticeship program through Local #5.

Extreme Steel’s main goal is owner and customer satisfaction, while producing a top quality product. We appreciate and understand the importance of project scheduling and deadlines. Extreme Steel, Inc. has developed strong relationships with our clients, which contributes to continuous repeat business. In our business, it is not often that one person alone can make a change or difference. These employees take great pride in what they do while achieving customer satisfaction. If an issue or problem should occur, any individual on our team would gladly lend a helping hand, which has established us to become the “Work Horse” that we are today.